Eve's Legacy



 A Poem for Holy Saturday, and Our Lady of Sorrows, upon Eve redeemed...and the new configuration of family in Christ... 



So it was all for this

Stark skies

Empty world

clinging taste of gall


The wedding drained of wine


and Lazarus

a mortal after all


Woman, behold your son

he said

Oh! piercing!

sword of Simeon's sight


How shall I contain it?

How beget

the cradled babe

again from heaven's height?


Empyreal Love is scorned

and mocked

stripped, whipped,

and nailed to Paradox


He is gone, he's nowhere

Now here?

Can Gates

of Heaven burst their locks?


Yet...something stirs, some germ

of Life

God broods

I feel new quickening


John leads me home. My son!

His word's


where souls are sickening







From JERICHO ROSE, Songs from the Wilderness (collection in preparation).