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The Great Divide




From Eden to Gethsemane

the road is rugged,

passing through wilderness,

with switchbacks and ravines,

concealing warmongers;

there, many a blighted vine

and shrivelled artichoke;

wild honey and locusts

and manna from heaven,

are all that sustain,

when the eyes are uplifted

and the mouth open.


During the journey,

the mirage tantalises,

though brackish rockpools

may be sweetened by mercy

and an unslaked tongue:

Gethsemane looms into focus,

but offers no respite

to the footsore and fatigued;

its warped and ancient olives

groan with agony

and knowledge of capsized Truth.

No rest for the Good.


There's still a grave matter

to be resolved,

and the dedicated milestone

points across the Great Divide.



Poem from JERICHO ROSE, Songs from the Wilderness (poetry collection in preparation).

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