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Paradise Glimpsed

'Now there was a garden in the place where he was crucified...'

MaryMagdaleneIconmyrrhbearers.PNG - 935.86 kb

of St. Mary Magdalene depicted as one of the Myrrhbearers with the words Christ is Risen in Greek


Is that the gardener

by the naked apple tree

come to pluck muscling weeds

from virgin lily beds?


They have expunged my love

from the overwritten page

the burial linen

miraculously unstained


He promised we'd drink

New Wine in the Kingdom

An aching distance away!

Our vision glutted with mist


Mary, the stranger breathes

and cleaves the desolation

when heartstrings are attuned

Master! Touch me not, he bids


The tactile, then, no more

may quicken mortal senses

What strange and joyful release

to love him in Spirit!


Should not all Paradise

be singing at this moment?

my earthbound feet take wing

to set the world aflame


In shadowed groves, he walks

I have seen the Lord himself!

What flourishing was there!

He is the Gardener.




GardenTombIsrael.PNG - 1.77 MB





Poem from JERICHO ROSE, Songs from the Wilderness (collection in preparation.)

Easter Season

Ecce Homo (Palm Sunday)

Hero (Palm Sunday)

Prodigal (Holy Week) 

Judas' Lament (Holy Thursday)

The Great Divide (Holy Thursday)

Shards (Good Friday)

Eve's Legacy (Holy Saturday)

Paradise Glimpsed (Easter Day)

A Stepping Stone (Easter Day and Week)

A Mysterious Companion (Easter Wednesday)




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