A Question of Time



On the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


It's a question of Time
and Dimension,
how to fit a frame
to that which is incapable
of being framed:    
how reveal the Elements
in flesh and blood,
Bread and Wine.

Our thread of days ekes out
in living longing,
Straight and true the Way,
we stumble upon desert stones 
and fracture Peace,
the journey's end grown dim,
but for memory's

And sometimes prescience,
and awesome Presence.
My body, Heaven's shrine
on earth, is still informed by His,
ever pregnant
with the Spirit's coupling
of pain and loss
to blinding bliss.

They took him from the Cross,
my broken child!
Again, I held him.
Through tears of lancing grief, I sensed
in every part,
inherant Life; the world remade,
waiting, waiting,
at the bourne...

Late at the door I stand,
seeking one clear,
yearned-for, image.
I turn inside to prayer and shade:
sounds ebb, the heart trips.
My breath dissolves
in precious sleep,
I, Beholding...!


from JERICHO ROSE, Songs from the Wilderness (Collection in preparation.)