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Celebrity Hardback

April 1, 2009, 12:14 pm





Read it and weep!

(Of course, it's easy when you know the answer.)





I'm not a scaly tortoise

Who hibernates on straw,

I like a bit more light than that,

Else I resort to law.


I'm not a lobster, either,

Though my innards get devoured

With a relish that's unseemly,

It shows that I'm no coward.


 I'm not a shiny beetle,

A ladybird or chafer

But I have an exoskeleton,

It keeps one's contents safer.


I'm not crab or mollusc,

An insect or arthropod,

In fact I'm not invertebrate,

I have a spine! That's odd!


I come quite neatly packaged,

Boast a bold and brash design,

I migrate from shelf to table,

Not content with showing spine.


I'm full of information,

Have amazing tales to tell,

Of jetlag, parties and wild sprees,

Of stage and screen as well.


I'm popular as chocolate,

 My lifespan's a small wonder,

When fifteen minutes fame is done,

  Another steals my thunder!


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