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Oh, Eve





Oh Eve,
what did you do
when Adam rose
and gazed at you
the future bathed
in golden hue?

But how
to hold it fast
that moment pure
already past
serpent beguiled
the die was cast

Too late!
What use to cry
the milk is spilled
the honey dry
and fraught the bond
a ruptured tie

And Oh!
Where did joy go
and how retrieve
the garden's no
another chance
in bliss to sow?

Poor Eve,
he looked askance
when your desire
was for the dance
no melding but
dull happenstance

And now
you wander through
a world corrupt
a cheerless view
uncoupled, fumed
with taint of rue

Hope gone,
the demon's cue
his figured hide
you wear in lieu
as if the snake
had swallowed you

the scorched earth's ruse
your smitten mouth
and bondage shoes
forsake! And die
or live to lose!

So, Eve,
what will you do
unless accept
a Virgin True
who bore God's Son
to start anew?

From Mysteries of Light 

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