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Magdalene's Reflection







You see her in Renaissance mode
where prayer and sorrow meet
you see her tears like falling pearls
on his anointed feet

And there the marble vessel breaks
the priceless perfume’s fee
gives scent of balm and burial
but, faith, she is not me!

For this repentant Eve is called
his mother's name like me
but I have hailed from Magdala
and she from Bethany

She took him to her hearth and home
ignored her sister's voice
who scolded her for indolence
while Jesus blessed her choice

He raised their brother from the grave
when heart and hope were gone
and by their willing trust revealed
how hidden glory shone

We'd sought the streets, the hills and vales
to find our soul's desire
the bridegroom who would stake True Love
no thought of Holy Fire

And what she learned, and what I learned
we shared in heaven's fold
that mercy cancels sacrifice
and turns our deeds to gold

As when beneath the blasted Tree
we wept at Mary's side
there sensed an echoed Gabriel
that Life and Love abide

Thus we three Marys helped him break
the coil of Satan's chains
two contrite Eves and One of Grace
saw Eden's gift regained


The Raising of Lazarus



"Noli me tangere..."




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