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When Heaven Was In Focus



It was the third day
the only day twice blessed
at the dawn of Creation
God saw that it was good!
A day for weddings
and mystic auguries
of tilled land, sown seed
familial rootedness
date and almond blossom
springs and quenching rains

Zircon-blue the firmament
a festal benison
as though the very earth
was in communion with heaven
the flowing wheat sun-gilded
near ready for the sickle
the twisted olives vigorous
and trussed vines pregnant
with fruit no longer opaque
the kilns fired for glazing

A blithe procession
from the bride's house
Old songs of pilgrimage
inwrought with plangent themes
told of rock and refuge
false ways forsaken
triumph forged in suffering
we were embodied
we knew who we were
and the dayspring proposed Joy

The way was petal-strewn
the bride lily-lustrous
and fair as priceless pearl
was carried to her lover
who came out to greet her
resplendent in silken robe
blue-green as kingfishers
I saw him under the fig tree
spellbound in Sacred Writ
No guile is in him Jesus said

To lyre and timbrel
harp and flute feet drummed
a paean of jubilation
we were in harmony
God who fashioned us
and loved a celebration
was with His Chosen
causing jewelled moments
to spark new fire and poise us
on the tiptoe of desire

At sunset, canopied and cool
the couple pledged their troth
Heralds sang and breezes hummed
I wept with joy to see them wed
and launch the overladen spread
precursor of the marriage bed
that would with progeny be blessed
a legacy of Father Abraham
whose spirit spurred us on
to firmer faith and fortune

At length, above the din
of merry dining I heard
voices raised in consternation
They have no wine! I said
bidding my son show his hand
His gaze was full of tender pity
as though I were dew-eyed
the first woman of Creation
a callow girl who meant well
but had no conception of his plan

My hour has not yet come
He kindly bade me hush
I know not what others saw
but I, the spectre of a dove
on quivering wings above him
so that by the Spirit's kindling
he remembered Adam's Rib
flesh of his flesh from the beginning
who by God's purifying Grace
was assigned to bear the Word

Do as he tells you I told the servants
In faith, I knew he'd not refuse
his was a Day of Feasting
not of fasting and withholding
in the Bridegroom's presence
He blessed the cleansing water
which by a miracle when poured
into our kiddush cups sent New Life
coursing through our veins
NOW Heaven and Earth were One!

©RosyCole2022  #LuminousMysteries #LetTheLightShine



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