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In Progress...


THE PEERESS AND THE PLAYBOY,  Third Book in the Berkeley Series 

Please note: Schedule suspended until 2023. Due for publication 2025.


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Byron, Berkeley and Mrs Bunn

Midnight, October 29th, 1844

Ships At A Distance...

A Common Enemy


MYSTERIES OF LIGHT (published August, 2021)

Poetry collection reflecting on the interplay of light and shadow, both literal and figurative, visual and spiritual, and how perception may be modified, expanded and recreated in the process. Enlightenment may obfuscate and shadow prove the sculptor of a brighter prospect.

The visible reminder of Invisible Light.

T S Eliot


JERICHO ROSE, Songs from the Wilderness

These poems are told through the eyes of several New Testament characters. The title piece is a prose poem r elated by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as she struggles to reconcile the human and divine nature of her mysterious child. The Gospel tells us that 'Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart' and I've tried to capture a certain reflective wisdom as she begins to piece the jigsaw together.

The Jericho rose, or Resurrection plant, is a bit of dry, unattractive tumbleweed blown hither and thither about the desert. When it reaches an oasis, it begins to blossom within minutes and within hours has become a viridescent green. The biblical promise that 'the desert shall blossom as the rose' probably references this plant rather than the species we tend to imagine. It evokes images of craving thirst and living water.




New Project at sketching stage...

Vignettes from a Vanished Era: In Search of a Lost Domain

Reflective non-fiction chronicling social change from D-Day to Brexit, via memoir. After the fashion of Laurie Lee and Flora Thompson. 



Entertaining Angels


Novel first-drafted but in long-term abeyance. Family struggles in the aftermath of two World Wars as the millennium approaches.



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