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What Winter Knows


WinterSolsticeSunrise.png - 529.17 kb



 Triumph of morning

 clear as a dazzling mirror

 banishing hoar-frost

 splintering ice over ruts

 releasing trapped air


fretted oaks moss-lit

engross a blank horizon

synapses dormant

like old folk at the bus-stop

waiting for a ride


ammoniac wind

scours the sinuses

of forsaken woods

June a mulch of memories

restoring root sap


skeletal boughs

stitch oblique shadows

to the westward fields

widgeon surf silver air

chevron-winged and sure


Hope tunes the theme

piques buried longing

sunrise breaks upon azure

to greet a world reborn

O wonder! O Oriens! 


O-Oriensnew.png - 161.18 kb




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